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The Eswatini Data Protection Authority (EDPA) is charged with the mandate to administer and foster compliance under the Data Protection Act, 2022. The Act designates the Eswatini Communications Commission as the National Data Protection Authority (EDPA) to regulate how personal information is handled, investigate breaches in the handling of information, and resolve any complaints relating to data breaches. (Learn More)



File A Complaint

To address a concern, file a complaint against an organization regarding data-related issues.

Report A data Breach

The Data Protection Act mandates data controllers to report personal data breaches within 72 hours of business awareness.

Register As A Data Processor

Register with the Authority to comply with the Data Protection Act of 2022.

Register As A Data Controller

Registering as a Data Controller is crucial for compliance with the Data Protection Act, 2022.

Data Protection Principles

The processing of personal data should be lawful and fair, transparent to individuals about its collection, use, consultation, and extent.

Data Protection Rights

Understand your data protection rights, which include the right to have your personal information protected.


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